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9 Automatic watch winder cases

- Item: 81109 -

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Item No.
Series Name
Product Name
9 watch winder
Review Name
Underwood watchwinder
Reference Retail Price
High Gloss
Inside Material
Luxurious Velvet
Sample Color Combine
Reddish brown with beige
Available Exterior Color
Reddish brown,Black,Dark Brown
Available Interior Color
Power Supply
AC 3V adapter and DC batteries both
Watch Holder
Adjustable watch cushion
Warranty Time
One year
Distribute Area
Recommend Store

Overview: One of the most technically advanced and reliable watch winders. This Automatic Watch Winder is designed to rotate all items and brands of automatic watches. The case is made of fine Oak wood. The finish is hand polished. The wood surface is as smooth as a mirror when completed. It takes 60 days to complete this process by skilled craftsmen. The PU coating of the wood box is heat resistant and will resist minor scratches. The quality of the finish will give years of beauty.


1) Wind for 9 watches,with jewel case and watch storage case.
2) Ultra quiet motor operation is virtually silent.
3) Oak with high gloss exterior finish.
4) Lining is very high quality velvet.
5) Front lid can be locked to secure and safeguard your watch collection.
6) Advanced fuzzy logic processor- can set turns per day (TPD) and winding direction (clockwise, counterclockwise and alternating) by using a set of easy to use pushbuttons. Customized settings are saved into memory, so even if power is lost, the settings are restored to the user's preference.
7) Each winding disc can be operated independently.
8) Scalable cushion: outer shell of cushion is removable to fit both large & small wrist watches.
9) Runs on AC power and Battery both (AC adaptor included).
10) Warranty full year.

PROGRAM: 3 User select programs to fit all watches design specifications:
Program (1) - Turn clockwise with periodic rest period in between;
Program (2) - Alternate Turning - Turn clockwise and counterclockwise alternatively, automatically. This cycle is repeated until the designated program has completed. With rest period in between cycles to prevent any over-stress of the watch moving mechanism;.
Program (3) - Turn counterclockwise with periodic rest period in between;
Each program will repeat itself automatically daily when the switch stays on; thus allowing your watches to be always wound up and ready to wear all the times! You can turn it off anytime if you choose to. You have complete control.

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